All classes are drop-in - there's no need to book, but arrive on time to secure a place, as some sessions do get busy.

4 months to 18 months
Fun and inspiring songs to sing to your little one, to introduce them to the world of music, to stimulate learning and to encourage bonding between you. The classes are suitable for babies from the age of four months, and we have lots of percussion instruments that are just right for tiny hands. We also use puppets, scarves, a parachute and balls, and there's live music at some of the classes.

18 months to 3 years
Buzz around for the buzzy bees song, join in the percussion sound effects as Bob climbs the ladder to mend the roof, and when the parachute goes up, shout hurray! Most of our songs you won't hear anywhere else as they're specially written - perfect if you're fed up with hearing the same old nursery rhymes.
In the percussion section of the class, we encourage children to develop musical skills, such as beating in time and learning to differentiate between different musical sounds or playing loudly and softly. We also have puppets, a parachute and balls - and live music at some sessions.